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One Funny Thing

By Mark Leidner.


Seth Simons

Mar 21 2021

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My favorite pieces of writing enact the author’s (or speaker’s) peculiar mental state so clearly that I feel like I’m fully inside someone else’s mind, processing the world as only they process it. When I emerge, it’s as if they’ve loosened the boundaries of my own mind, freeing me just a little bit from all my old familiar modes of thought. Whether they’re comics, poets, essayists, novelists—if this is what they offer, I’ll just about follow them anywhere.

This week I’ve been enjoying Returning the Sword to the Stone, the new poetry collection by Mark Leidner. He’s a very funny writer, not in a “ha ha” way so much as an “oh, I have no idea how you got from A to B but it seems to make perfect sense, and I feel physically lighter now that you’ve taken me there” way, but often also in a “ha ha” way. My favorite poem in the book doesn’t seem to be published online anywhere so I can’t link to it, but my friend Sarah just tipped me off to a recording of Leidner reading it. I thought I might share that with you today. It’s called “Youth Is A Fugitive” and I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great Sunday.


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