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One Funny Thing

Starring Tim Robinson.


Seth Simons

Aug 26 2021

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After losing most of the day to dealing with a characteristically byzantine Health Insurance Situation, I was delighted to discover My Mans, an 11-year-old sketch pilot starring Tim Robinson and Mark Raterman, co-written by them and former Onion News Network head writer Andy Miara. (Thank you to Humorism reader Stephen for posting it on Twitter earlier.) If you like I Think You Should Leave—or Mr. Show, whose influence sings through My Mans' Pythonesque transitions and lo-fi sensibility—I think you'll find a lot to love here. I was hooked from the first tracking shot of suit-clad businessmen rollerblading past Raterman, but what really did me in was the wild dogs bit toward the end. Enjoy!

Header image via Vimeo/mymanscomedy.

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